Command Line Wallet

  1. I am getting the following error when trying to run command line wallet:
I 2018-12-23.17:32:34.619 Rules signature: ddccf5d8d0f77bd2
I 2018-12-23.17:32:34.620 starting a wallet...
Enter password: ***
D 2018-12-23.17:32:36.664 sqlite error code=26, file is not a database
E 2018-12-23.17:32:36.665 Wallet data unreadable, restore wallet.db from latest backup or delete it and reinitialize the wallet


You are trying to enter incorrect password. The wallet can not decrypt the database file and hence reports that data is unreadable. Only if you are absolutely sure that password is correct, remove the database file and restore wallet from Seed Phrase

  1. I am getting the following error when trying to run command line wallet:
I 2018-12-23.17:45:12.529 Rules signature: ddccf5d8d0f77bd2
I 2018-12-23.17:45:12.530 starting a wallet...
Enter password: *
I 2018-12-23.17:45:13.226 wallet sucessfully opened...
I 2018-12-23.17:45:13.228 WalletID 14a38140d8e66be9b8f1e8d770161fd33e35f7000053147b5a0f6a83178926b956 subscribes to BBS channel 20
I 2018-12-23.17:45:13.271 [9edc454f2752461eb682f21c4efbd33e] Sending 10 beams  (fee: 0 groth )
E 2018-12-23.17:45:13.272 You only have 0 groth
E 2018-12-23.17:45:13.273 [9edc454f2752461eb682f21c4efbd33e] exception msg:
E 2018-12-23.17:45:13.273 [9edc454f2752461eb682f21c4efbd33e] Failed. No inputs
I 2018-12-23.17:45:13.293 [9edc454f2752461eb682f21c4efbd33e] Transaction failed. Rollback...


The most common cause of this error is trying to send a transaction with insufficient funds. You can not send more than you have.