Files and Locations

Desktop Wallet app

General points to mention:

  • The default location of the Desktop Wallet app can be modified during the installation process (Windows only).
  • The default Database location for the Desktop Wallet app can be changed setting the appdata parameter to beam-wallet.cfg (Windows only).
  • Memory dump files are generated on Windows only. A dedicated memory dump file is created per each crash case.
  • Each version of the wallet keeps the wallet database file (wallet.db) in the dedicated sub-folder, designated by the version number. On each wallet update the new folder is created to which and the wallet database file from previous version is copied into (and updated if necessary).


File Location
Main Executable \Program Files\Beam\<version>\Beam Wallet.exe
Configuration \Program Files\Beam\<version>\beam-wallet.cfg
Logs \Users\{your User name}\AppData\Local\Beam Wallet\logs
Database \Users\{your User name}\AppData\Local\Beam Wallet\<version>\wallet.db (node.db)
Dumps \Users\{your User name}\AppData\Local\Beam Wallet\Beam Wallet.exe0.dmp


File Location
Main Executable /Applications/Beam
Configuration N/A
Logs /Users/{your User name}/Library/Application Support/Beam Wallet/logs
Database /Users/{your User name}/Library/Application Support/Beam Wallet/<version>/wallet.db


File Location
Main Executable /usr/bin/BeamWallet
Configuration /usr/bin/beam-wallet.cfg
Logs /home/{your User name}/.local/share/Beam Wallet/logs
Database /home/{your User name}/.local/share/Beam Wallet/<version>/wallet.db (node.db)

Node or CLI wallet

All Platforms (small differences apply, see below)

User can unpack the archive in any folder to his convenience. All files mentioned below are located within this folder

File Location
Main Executable beam-node or beam-wallet
Configuration beam-node.cfg or beam-wallet.cfg
Logs logs
Database node.db or wallet.db
Dumps (windows only) beam-node.exe0.dmp