The following document is still under construction and is subject to changes

Backup and Restore

This document lists all backup and restore procedures necessary to keep your data safe.

Restore Desktop wallet from Seed Phrase

To be completed…

Restore CLI wallet from Seed Phrase

It is only possible to restore your coins by running your own node with your owner key

This process involves several steps

First you need to recreate your wallet using your seed phrase by running the following command:

./beam-wallet restore --seed_phrase=<semicolon separated list of 12 seed phrase words>;

Now you need to export the owner key by running:

./beam-wallet export_owner_key

(see Exporting owner key for more details)

Then you need to run your own node, providing the owner key as a parameter as follows:

./beam-node --peer=<ip and port of peer node> --owner_key=<owner key exported from the wallet>

Once the node has synchronized, you need to connect your wallet to the node to update the wallet database.

To do that run the following command:

./beam-wallet listen -n <ip and port of your node, ex:>

After wallet syncrhonizes, use info command to check wallet status

./beam-wallet info