The following document is still under construction and is subject to changes

Understanding Beam logs

Log locations

For CLI wallet and Node logs are usually located in the same folder as the binary file.

For Desktop Wallet logs are located in the following folders:

Mac: /Users/{your_user_name}/Library/Application Support/Beam Wallet/

Windows: :\Users\{your_user_name}\AppData\Local\Beam Wallet

Linux: /home/{your_user_name}/.local/share/Beam Wallet

For a complete list of file locations see :ref: Files and Locations

Node logs

A log will start with the Rules signature. Rules signature is the hash of the Consensus Rules and it should be compatible with the network you are connecting to. It will be different between the Testnet and Mainnet. The relevant Rules signature for each network can be seen here: :ref: rules_signature

Beam Logs have a simple structure. First field is the severity level, followed by a timestamp and the log message.

Log Severity +——————–+—————–+ | I | Info | +——————–+—————–+ | W | Warning | +——————–+—————–+ | E | Error | +——————–+—————–+ | D | Debug | +——————–+—————–+

The sample below shows a start of the new node

I 2018-12-31.16:48:58.838 Rules signature: 7e16d65b64ef2fbb
I 2018-12-31.16:48:58.986 starting a node on 10000 port...
I 2018-12-31.16:48:58.996 Node ID=5c8f92a1cfaee337
I 2018-12-31.16:48:58.996 Initial Tip: 0-0000000000000000
I 2018-12-31.16:48:58.996 Requesting block 0-0000000000000000
I 2018-12-31.16:48:58.997 PI 0000000000000000-- New
I 2018-12-31.16:48:58.997 PI 0000000000000000-- Address changed to
I 2018-12-31.16:48:58.999 stratum server listens to

The node connects to the first peer, in this case and downloads the initial Tip at hight 0. It then requests the matching block. In this specific example the node also starts the Stratum server.

CLI Wallet logs

Desktop Wallet logs